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Our story

Petal stands for Paediatric Education Transition and Love.

Petal was lovingly created by our founder in 2016 who saw a need for Respite Care as an alternative to babies being taken from their addicted mothers. Since this day we aim to provide:

  • Safe and secure environment for transitioning with minimal trauma
  • Evidence based practice
  • Aim to provide best opportunities
  • Based on Pediatric Interim Care Centre, Seattle
  • Non profit
  • Charity
  • Reliant on donations and grants

« It is our vision to not only provide a nurturing environment for our new-borns at risk, but also to contribute to breaking the cycle of the trauma that creates unsafe environments and compromises the growth of our families. »

Petal founder

Our Team

We have a team of specialists including:

  • Clinical Lead (BNurs/BMid/IBLCE)
  • Trained Nurse Aids
  • Supportive volunteers, who have all been Police and MSD’s CYRAS vetted.

We are supported by our General Practitioner and Paediatrician.

We have proudly achieved Te Kāhui Kāhu Level 2 accreditation in March 2022 with the support of expert input and trustee oversight.

Our Trustees

Petal Foundation is governed and guided by a board of passionate trustees.

Our trustees bring knowledge and expertise from a variety of professions including medicine, chartered accountancy, law, governance and midwifery.

kuia and kaumatua

Petal Foundation acknowledge with honour and respect our Kuia and Kaumatua who are our constant support of guidance and blessings.

Inter-agency cooperation

Petal Foundation is part of a wider network of people and organisations who all support the wellbeing of whānau and family.

Supportive transition is provided for baby as we work closely with other agencies such as CADS, Whanau Ora and Social Service providers. This way we work together to give mother, baby and whānau a holistic service to meet their needs. We aim to achieve this through inter-agency care planning, communication and intervention with the client’s involvement at every step.

« Together we share a passion for supporting babies through a respite programme to ensure a better start to life and a promising future. »

Our Petal heroes!

Petal Foundation was accredited and approved for Te Kāhui Kāhu (Social Services Accreditation) Level Two of the National Care Standards this year. It has taken a number of years to get accredited and we overcame many challenges along the way - from having limited guidance, Covid restrictions and having to wait for over a year to be assessed - it was no easy ride!

We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without Awhina Rangiaho. One of our Petal heroes, she spent many, many hours making sure everything was done to the highest standard, and earning admiration from the Te Kāhui Kāhu assessors along the way. Awhina has 45 years of experience working with policies and Te Kāhui Kāhu have praised her for her passion and commitment to writing our policies and her belief in what Petal Foundation is about.

Right by her side was another one of our superstars, Mereteowai, who worked so hard to make sure we were audited and providing support to Awhina’s writing. We are so very grateful to you both!

Raewyn and Peter for all your valuable time, love and kindness you have contributed to helping us with donations, lawns, gardening, renovating, maintenance, cleaning and sewing.